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Our philosophy is to reduce, reuse or recycle in that order...



At Cook & Foragers we spent a long time researching, testing and designing new packaging to reduce how much we have to use without compromising our delicious products. We have reduced the amount of card used within our boxes by using Enviro-boxes. These clever little brown boxes have ‘extra strength without costing the earth’! and are 100% recyclable.



When we could not reduce our packaging any more, we looked to how we can reuse. The more something is used, the more efficient it becomes! To keep our wonderful meat products cool, we use Woolcool® insulations. The 100% British sheep’s wool product keeps your produce cool and fresh from field to folk. We reuse the cardboard boxes and Woolcool® packaging whenever we can! Once you have finished with your boxes just pop it outside the night before and we will collect it when we deliver your weekly box!


Finally we recycle as more as possible, from our 100% compostable disposable gloves used by our staff to natural gummed tape. We take recycling seriously! Any boxes or Woolcool® insulation which cannot be reused is recycled or composted as is all our leaflets, recipes cards and promotional material.

So don’t forget, you can leave out any of the packaging you receive (including all the fiddly bits) and we will take it away to reuse or recycle.


Plant Power

When researching our packaging requirements we came across some excellent products, none more so that the packaging created by Vegware. With over 250+ products now within their catalogue Vegware are industry pioneers in plant based food packaging which is 100% compostable.

We use Vegwares products to package all those fiddly bits such as rice, spices and sugars, as well as their 100% plant based brown bags for all that scrumptious organic vegetables and fruit.

If you have any concerns, suggestions or comments about our packaging we would love to here from you. Just email hello@cookandforagers.co.uk with packaging as the subject.



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