Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown - COLLECTION

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Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown

Pumphouse Farm Free Range Bronze Turkeys are traditionally hand reared and full of good old fashioned flavour, with its succulent and rich meat the birds are bred to provide the ultimate Christmas dinner; pure luxury on a plate.

The way we breed and raise our Bronze turkeys is the secret of our success.

  • Pumphouse Farm Bronze Turkey Crown beautifully dressed and boxed
  • Stock pack (giblets) for the most sumptuous gravy
  • Sprig of fresh rosemary
  • Full cooking instructions.

Traditional Farming and Butchering

  • Our Free Range Bronze Turkeys are free to explore and scratch around at their leisure in our own green fields
  • At night our turkeys have the shelter of an open-sided barn, with deep straw and plenty of fresh air
  • Slow-growing strain of Bronze turkey, grown to maturity over several months
  • Locally grown cereals and vegetable protein, without additives, drugs or growth promoters
  • Dry plucked by hand and hung for at least fourteen days, allowing the meat to develop an even fuller flavour
  • Hand dressed using traditional butchering techniques, passed through the generation
  • Our facilities are independently inspected to ensure compliance with all food hygiene regulations
 Size Deposit Price
3-3.5kg £20.00 £38.00
3.5-4kg £20.00 £43.00
4-4.5kg £20.00 £48.00
4.5-5kg £20.00 £53.00
5-5.5kg £20.00 £58.00


Turkey Order Size Guide

 Pounds (lbs) | Kilos (kgs) Serves
7lbs / 3kg 3-4
8lbs / 3.5kg 4-5
9lbs / 4kg 5-6
10lbs / 4.5kg 6-7
11lbs / 5kg 7-8
12lbs / 5.5kg 8-9
13lbs / 6kg 9-10
14lbs / 6.5kg 10-11
15lbs / 7kg 11-12
16lbs / 7.5kg 12-13
17lbs / 8kg 13-14
18lbs / 8.5kg 14-15
Collection from:
Cook & Foragers
Haigh Woodland Park


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