Pigs to the rescue! May 1, 2015 14:06

Pigs to help restore Haigh Hall and Borsdane Wood, Wigan

As you may know all our pork comes from woodland reared pedigree British saddleback pigs who help conserve, restore and enhance woodlands throughout the North West. This week our pigs will be entering Haigh Hall and Borsdane Wood in Wigan, Lancashire to help restore the woodland and improve regeneration after extensive works conducted by Wigan Leisure Culture Trust (WLCT) in removing Rhododendron growth which had taken over. 

Our pigs will be working hard over the next 3 years and will produce some beautiful pork for all our customers. 

If you fancy going to see the fantastic work our pigs do and what a wonderful life they have, click here for more information and make a day of it!